Free medicines for heart patients

Free medicines for heart patients

Free medicines for heart patients

Kota . October 2 at government hospitals in the state kota of heart patients get free medicines. More or less in the first phase, blood pressure, cholesterol and blood to thin tablet - capsule and injection has been provided. So far BPL sections just to get patients get the medicines free to patients of all sections now. ECG, TMT and Echo like D investigations to determine the patients will have to collect fees.

Department of Medicine, said Dr. Manoj Saluja MBS in the first stage heart disease and certain drugs work at the time of the attack are provided. In the second phase from January 2012 to meet with representatives from other medicines. Heart disease patients now get drug around will not wander. Currently these drugs free: Aneksoperi for heart attack patients, dopamine hydro chloride and Losartn 50 mg were injected. Aneksoperi injection is used to thin the blood, a blood clot in the arteries Jmen not. Dopamine hydro chloride injection is helping to increase blood pressure. Is helping to reduce Losartn Bldpreshr 50 mg injection.

MBS Kotatnsrkari a serious injury on October 2 at the hospital emergency ward during his will all the medication, injections of 50, Mrhmptty, plaster has been arranged to keep all free. Emergency in the X-ray will be done so the fee will be charged. The families must pay all outstanding checks. Oral medications in the free provision of emergency from October, which was not far.

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