Husband stabbed

Husband stabbed

Husband stabbed

kota. Borkeda area of ​​the city on Tuesday, a knife stabbed in the eye of husband and wife. According to police, the police Borkedha Professor Colony resident Suman Paliwal (27) was stabbed by her husband Rakesh Paliwal injured. Rakesh Rakesh's sister Hemalatha said Vsha ü Three previously sold his ancestral home since then it has been mentally disturbed. This is the day to beat his wife with Suman. Balaji Kamkeda her family wanted to take it for granted Uprihwa. He was denied.

Meanwhile, at the behest of the family to take her clothes were Suman, so Rakesh vegetable knife from behind his back and hit in the eye. Suman felt the knife stuck in the left eye.

After the eye was saved!
Dr. Yunus Ansari Hospital eye surgeon, neurosurgeon Dr. Uday Raj Kumar Jain Bhowmick and Suman Ear Nose Throat surgeon operated on Tuesday evening. Due knife sunk deep enough into the side was all Biseshajञon. Dr. Yunus Ansari said after the operation Suman's eyes had sunk 8 cm knife. The ball hit the wall of the sinus was reached knife. Hopefully the woman will return to the light. Permanent damage to any part thereof is not expected.

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