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Rao Ratan Singh

Rao Ratan Singh
Rao RATAN SINGH 1878/1903, born 28th November 1842, Member of the Mahand Raj Sabha; married 1862, Rani Daulat Kanwar, born 7th March 1848, died 27th August 1881, daughter of Rathore Thakur Jaswant Singh of Jhaknaoda in Jhabua, and had issue, four sons. He died 23rd September 1903.
* Kunwar Udai Singh, born 1872, died young 1880.
* Kunwar Devi Singh, born 18th November 1874, married 1stly, 12th November 1892, Kunwarani Gulab Kanwar, born 28th April 1878, daughter of Rawat MAN SINGH of Bansi, married 2ndly, 16th November 1896, Kunwarani Chandra Kanwar, born 24th November 1880, daughter of Fatehsinghot Rathore Thakur Girwar Singh of Kod in Dhar State, and had issue, two sons and two daughters. He died vp 1900.
o Bhanwar Khuman Singh (by Kunwarani Gulab Kanwar), born 11th June 1895.
o Baisa Mohan Kanwar [Rani Mohan Kanwar of Amet] (by Kunwarani Gulab Kanwar), born 22nd January 1894, married Rawat Sawai ANUP SINGH II of Begun, and had issue.
o Baisa Lekh Kanwar [Rani Lekh Kanwar of Rawatsar] (by Kunwarani Gulab Kanwar), born 22nd October 1896, married 1911, Rawat MAN SINGHJI of Rawatsar in Bikaner State, and had issue. She died 6th March 1917.
o Rao Saheb LAL SINGH II (by Kunwarani Chandra Kanwar) (qv)
* Thakur Madho Singh, born 8th July 1877, married 17th June 1892, Thakurani Gopal Kanwar, born 1881, daughter of Thakur Isari Singh (younger son of Kanawat Thakur Jawan Singh of Amargarh in Udaipur State), and his wife, Thakurani Nathawatji. He died 29th December 1917.
* Thakur Sobhag Singh, born 5th June 1881, married 29th October 1895, a daughter of Fatehsinghot Rathore Thakur Mod Singh of Maswaria in Dhar State (son of Thakur Bhagwat Singh), and his wife Thakurani Chundawatji, and had issue, one son.
o Thakur Kesari Singh, born 9th December 1897.

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