Barefoot To Goa

Story: Despite being old, ailing and left to fend for herself in Goa by her busy son and insensitive daughter-in-law, who live in Mumbai, Kantabai (Farrukh Jaffar) hopes to reunite with her family someday. She persistently writes to them in spite of receiving no reply. When her grandchildren stumble upon those unread letters hidden in their mother's closet, they decide to bring her to Mumbai on their own, thus embarking on a journey to Goa.

Review: During the course of their heartwarming trip, the kids - Diya (Saara Nahar) and her elder brother Prakhar (Prakhar Morchhale) meet several strangers who make an impact on them. Away from the comforts of their secure urban life, they see the villagers fighting bigger battles on a daily basis. They discover the rural-urban class divide, differences in attitude and realise that the tendency to help others has nothing to do with money. While they learn to see the world anew, do they succeed in what they'd set out to do?

Reminiscent of Majid Majidi's classic Children of Heaven, Barefoot to Goa is a simple story, simply told. There are no pretentious attempts at creating drama. However, the transition of the film from being an emotional family drama to a profound road movie is wobbly and this is where it loses the grip to a certain extent. Also, some characters come across as one-dimensional and predictable. For instance, the self-centered bahu and busy beta track is Baghban reincarnated.

Besides, you crave to see more of those precious little moments in the mundane life of the lonely grandmother. Her bond with the typist, who helps to send the letters across to her family, is equally touching, but the maker chooses to focus on the distress and hardships faced by random characters instead.

Our fast-paced lives do not allow us to make time for those who matter, particularly our parents. And this contemporary issue is predominantly addressed by Morchhale here. The film had the potential to be way more effective; nonetheless, it's a sincere effort that deserves to be acknowledged.

Movie Released Date:10 April, 2015
Cast: Ajay Chourey, Farrukh Jaffar, Saara Nahar, Ish Morchhale, Purva Parag, Kuldeep Singh
Direction: Praveen Morchhale
Genre: Drama
Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes

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