Bodyguard(Hindi: बॉडीगार्ड) is a 2011 Hindi romantic action film directed by Siddique. The third remake of the director's own 2010 Malayalam film of the same name, the film was produced by Atul Agnihotri and features Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor in the lead roles.[3] It also stars Raj Babbar, Mahesh Manjrekar and Hazel Keech in supporting roles.[4] The film's first look and theatrical trailer was unveiled on 21 July 2011. Bodyguard was released on Eid, 31 August 2011 across 2,250 screens in 70 Indian cities and with 482 prints across the overseas territory.

The film broke many records upon its release. Within the first day of its release, it went on to become the highest opening day grosser as well as the biggest grosser ever for a single day,[5] breaking the records earlier held by Dabangg, another Salman-starrer. The film set another box office record, netting INR99.50 crore (US$22.19 million) in its first week, thus becoming the highest opening week grossing Bollywood film. As of 13 September 2011, Bodyguard has grossed INR215 crore (US$47.95 million) worldwide,[2] therefore becoming the second highest grossing Bollywood film ever worldwide after 3 Idiots.

Balwant Singh is bodyguard of Sartaj Rana (Raj Babbar). Balwant dies to protect Sartaj. Balwant's wife was in danger during her pregnancy. Sartaj rescues her and she had a child named Lovely. Lovely Singh, now grown up, (Salman Khan) is the bodyguard of Sartaj Rana's daughter Divya (Kareena Kapoor). He is very devoted to his duties but irritates her all the time by following her everywhere. Consequently, Divya and her friend Maya (Hazel Keech) call Lovely and start a prank love affair. Lovely starts loving the mystery person but doesn't realizes that it is Divya who was behind all of this. Divya tells Lovely that her name is "Chhaya". Sartaj Rana suspects him and Divya to be in love and sends criminals to kill him in case his lover turns out to be Divya. Sensing this, Divya sends her friend Maya to Lovely to tell him her true identity. In a twist, it is revealed that the friend is also in love with Lovely. She falsely accepts that she is her strange lover. They marry and have a child. She dies early and reveals to her son about her fraud and asks him to unite Lovely and Divya. Sartaj invites Lovely and his son to his house and apologises for his behaviour. Lovely is shocked to know that Divya never married. His son grows closer to Divya and on their last day of visit, while leaving, he asks Divya to accompany him as his mother. Lovely asks his son to apologise but he refuses. Sartaj tells Lovely that he too feels the same and he should take Divya with him. At the railway station, Lovely and his son are accompanied by Divya. The son throws Maya's diary into the dustbin but Lovely sees it and retrieves the diary. He reads it and comes to know that Divya was his actual lover. In the last scene, Divya is called by Lovely and he addresses her as "Chhaya". Divya realises that Lovely has come to know of the truth and they hug each other, happily watched by Lovely's son and the movie ends.

* Salman Khan as Lovely Singh
* Kareena Kapoor as Divya
* Raj Babbar as Sartaj Rana
* Hazel Keech as Maya
* Rajat Rawail as Tsunami Singh
* Asrani
* Mahesh Manjrekar
* Aditya Pancholi
* Karisma Kapoor as Chhaya (Voice-over)
* Katrina Kaif as herself (Special appearance in song "Aaya Re Aaya Bodyguard")[6]

The film's production company, Reel Life Production Pvt. Ltd, was bought by Reliance Entertainment for INR 64 crore. This earned Reliance the co-producer status and an equal share in the IPR for perpetuity.[7]

Filming and casting
Neerupa Menon, a mutual friend of director Siddique and Alvira Khan, introduced him to Alvira and Atul Agnihotri, the to-be co-producers of the film, suggesting that he should venture into Bollywood. Siddique sent his original Malayalam film to Alvira and Atul as a result of the suggestion and they convinced Salman Khan to watch the film. After watching the film, Khan was very impressed with it and agreed to do the Hindi remake.[8]
Shooting for the film began on January 16, 2011 at the Symbiosis International University campus situated in Lavale, Pune. The classrooms and academic block of Symbiosis Institute of Business Management were used in the Lavale campus. The shooting later continued in the town of Patiala (Punjab).[9] Two songs from the film were scheduled to be shot in Europe but were later shifted to Film City in Mumbai to cut costs as the film had already exceeded its initial budget.[10]

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