Do Dooni Chaar

Do Dooni Chaar is about a simple middle class Indian family who are trying to put together money so that they can migrate from a scooter to a car.

Rishi and Neetu Kapoor Kapoor, a glamorous star couple in real life, play the beleaguered Santosh and Kusum Duggal. He is a schoolteacher whose meagre income, in spite of moonlighting at a coaching class, barely covers basic expenses and the growing demands of teenage kids Sandeep (Archit Krishna) and Payal (Aditi Vasudev). The old fridge groans, the new TV is just a dream, and fancy things like ipods are not even considered.

The kids may be disgruntled because everybody is better off than they are, but it is still a happy, caring family. Things start going wrong when Duggal’s sister insists that they all attend a wedding in her family and arrive in a car, or it would shame her in front of her in-laws. So the struggle begins for the family to buy car. That’s what Do Dooni Chaar is all about actually.

Do Dooni Chaar is a nice film which you can watch since there’s nothing better to watch, really. You can read the movie review of Do Dooni Chaar for a detailed opinion about the movie.

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