Looks like Bollywood is finally waking up to the ‘weird’ (for want of a better word which explains India’s current socio-politico-economical scene. I just saw a movie which somehow I had missed when it was released 2 weeks ago – ‘Knockout’.

Now if I was to review the movie as a piece of art and culture or creativity, I would have done that before because I was quite sure it would be yet-another-run-of-the-mill that most Bollywood filmmakers are quite adept at doing. Here, you can read the movie review of Knock Out if you like analyzing Bollywood movies. True, its a Desi, Indianized version of the Hollywood thriller, Phonebooth. I had heard this and maybe that is why I avoided watching it.

However, there’s more to Knock Out than meets the eye. There are several underlying messages that Mani Shankar, the patriotic filmmaker sends across cut across many levels which is why I like the movie and to that extent, Sanjay Dutt and Irrfan have delivered nice performances.

The movie shows Irrfan (‘Bachu’) as a smart and intelligent investment banker who works for a corrupt Politician, Babu (played by Gulshan Grover). This minister has deposited 32,000 crores of black money in his Swiss bank account. Now, Sanjay Dutt plays the role of a patriotic investigation officer who holds Bachu on the target of his sniper rifle. By hook and by a little bit of the crook, Sanjay manages to make Irrfan admit his crimes in the movie and we have a happy ending wherein almost 32,000 crore rupees of black money is transferred back into the kitty of RBI from the swiss bank account of a corrupt politician. Now, you might ask how the hell can someone smoothly tuck away so much money. But, it is absolutely true.

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