NH 8 Road To Nidhivan

Synopsis:With the belief that surrounds one of the most sacred places in the country, NH 8 Road to Nidhivan is a blend between the paranormal and the psychological. The story is about a group of friends who decide to head out on a road trip. Driving all the way from Mumbai to Nidhivan, near Mathura their trip is filled with unexpected happenings. The movie also gives viewers food for thought about the beliefs of Nidhivan and the intensity of the unexplained events that occur. The movie will grip the viewers with the element of thrill. Going beyond the expected the movie is laced with the elements that will challenge all reasoning.
Director:Munindra Gupta
Genre:Suspense, Thriller
Cast & Crew:Auroshikha Dey, Ravneet Kaur, Satyakaam Anand, Arjun Fauzdar, Swaroopa Ghosh
Writer:Munindra Gupta
Run Time:1 hrs 40 mins

NH-8 Road to Nidhivan releases on April 17. It is a Horror Film directed by Munindra Gupta and starring Auroshikha Dey, Ravneet Kaur, Satyakam Anand, Arjun Fauzdar, Swaroopa Ghosh in lead roles. Here we bring movie reviews by top Bollywood critics.

The film is inspired by true stories of the mysterious conception of Nidhivan, a place near Mathura. It is set against the backdrop of a road trip of four friends from Mumbai to Nidhivan.

Till now no critic has reviewed the movie. Once review gets available, we shall update them here.

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