Abheda Mahal Kota

A magnificent Mahal outside of city, have small tank with numerous lotus and beautiful small garden with Kota School paintings. Also you can watch migrant birds on month of Aug. to March.

Situated in the old palace, the museum has a superb collection of Rajput miniature paintings of the Kota school, exquisite sculptures, frescoes and armory. The museum also houses a rich repository of artistic items used by the Kota rulers. The museum is definitely not to be missed as it is reportedly one of the best museums in the state. This was formerly a palace and is named after the son of the ruler of Bundi who was made the first ruler of Kota State by the Mughal emperor Jehangir. The museum is closed on Fridays and state holidays. It gives a wonderful glimpse of the glory and history of the place with miniature paintings and ancient armory on display.

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