Chambal Garden kota

Located at the bank of river Chambal, the Chambal Garden is one of the most beautiful picnic spots in the Indian city of Kota. Visitors can enjoy peace in the lap of exquisite greenery while in this city.

The major attraction of the Chambal Garden in Kota is the wonderful pond situated just in the middle of the greenery. This pond full of crocodiles attract a large number of tourists to this place during the winter months. This muddy pond can be crossed by shaky bridge suspended at a very low height. low height.

There are also many gharials found in this murky pond. They are the thin and snouted crocodiles living on fishes. These creatures attract many adventures picnickers to the Chambal Garden located in Kota.

The peace loving people can enjoy this place as equally. Strolling down the vast green vistas overlooking the lively river can certainly remind one of Wordsworth's expression of spontaneous feelings regarding Tintern Abbey.

The nature lovers can also spend the day studying the thousands of plant species that are present to add life to this place. There are some plants that are typical to this region and are of much interest to the students and researchers of botany. Thus it can also prove to be a wonderful place for study tours.

It is best to visit the Chambal Garden of Kota during the winter months.

The Chambal Garden in the city of Kota is a wonderful place that can mesmerize both leisure travelers as well as adventure tourists.

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