Chhattar Vilas Gardens

Chhattar Bilas Gardens is one of the famous tourist attractions in Kota which is not only famous for its gardens but also for the various cenotaphs which are housed inside the gardens. It is located near the Chambal Hotel and is a preferred by both domestic and international tourists. If you wish to have a look at the royal cenotaphs then you can drop in at Chattar Bilas Gardens. A visit to this place is also a break from the monotonous life of the city and it is one of the well maintained gardens in Kota. During your trip to Chhattar Bilas you can also know about the history of the place and also about the various rulers who ruled over there. Kota was ruled by the Bundi rulers and the cenotaphs in Chhattar Bilas Gardens mostly belonged to them. The cenotaphs mostly belong to the members of royal families along with all those brave soldiers who gave their life in order to protect the state. All the cenotaphs are chronologically arranged, which have a short description, which helps the visitors to know about the past clearly. A visit to Chhattar Bilas Gardens is not only a visual pleasure but it also has certain historical relevance as you come to know about the past and about the various wars which were fought by the soldiers of the that time. 

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