Dussehra Festival and Fair

Kota is also famous for its vijayadashmi parv ( Dashara Mela ).One of the big festivals celebrated in most parts of India is Dussehra. The festival is celebrated with zest and festivities as it also marks the beginning of the winter season after the long, unbearable, hot summer. Dussehra marks the victory of Ram over the demon king Ravana, and the rescue of his wife Sita. In north India, gigantic effigies of the ten-headed Ravana and his brothers are set aflame amidst bursting of crackers. Fairs are usually held on this occasion with lots to eat, buy and enjoy. Dussehra means the Tenth Day, being the 10th day of the bright half of Ashvin. This day is also known as Vijayadashmi, or the Victory Tenth, because of the victory of Ram over Ravana.
In kota Dashhara Fair is run 20 days . Everyday different  kind of Artists  perform their art on Vijayshree Rangmanch . Its national level fair in kota . If you are in kota you must visit this fair.

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  • Dussehra Festival and Fair
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