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Close to the city of Kota, Gaipernath is known for an amazing waterfall that has lush green surroundings and picturesque backdrops of rocky terrains. An attractive picnic spot, the waterfall has more water after the monsoons but is a picturesque picnic spot all through the year. Gaipernath is an attracting  waterfall placed perfectly in the backdrop  of amazing picturesque canvas, very  close to Kota city. The waterfall  is an attractive picnic spot, especially for  charming youths. A bath  under the cool natural gush of water, splashing with rejuvenating  energy, is sure to calm the body and mind. The greenish landscapes around the waterfall add the beauty of the location.
Post monsoon period is the most attractive period to visit this  cascade. The  calm surrounded areas have only the music of gushing water  and the noise of  splashing on the heart of the earth. It really a  charming cool place to pay a  visit.

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