Godawari Dham kota

This Hanuman Temple is located beside the swiftly flowing Chambal River. It is a  beautiful shrine in Kota and is made up of white marbles. The towers of the temple are quite high and impressive.  Devotees in large numbers visit this temple every year. It has two high  marble towers and huge marble swan built at the top of the entrance  gate.


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  • Godawari Dham kota
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  1. Visitor Photo
    By : Kaushal Karad

    Very nice place

  2. Visitor Photo
    By : Shubham

    The bride leading the groom with the chain in the bkngaroucd was very humorus. The Moslems praying was nice like the priests walking down the street. Best one was the Penguin being beaten up or was he a cop? Nothing anti-Russian nor anti-Orthodox about the images. Russia has all sorts of people from the extremely wealthy and dull to the very poor and full of life.

  3. Visitor Photo
    By : Santoshkumar

    Nice place to visit. u must go.

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