Kansua Shiv Temple

Kansua temple is one of the oldest Shiwalyon  Tpobhumi great ascetic sage Kanva and Dushyant - Shakuntala also is home  to the love. Atkelian with cubs of the gloriously Bharat Singh nurture  was here. Nearly 1250 years old temple in the inscription has a proud  past.
The Pagoda in the ancient rock cut made to the Lingam with the Bholenath  Nadhe and other rare statues. Shivling purpose on campus are statues  and other ancient Shivling and other dev. Shaiva worship Shiva temple in  the center of the pit and remove the old stone built on a thousand is a  Shivling.The Temples in Kota were conquered by the Hada chieftain Rao Deva. But  during the reign of Jahangir, who had been a deep admirer of  architectural works, paintings and other art forms, these temples were  gifted to the Mughals by Madho Rao, the son of Rao Deva. Since the city  of Kota is replete with abundant quantity of stone idols of various  shapes and forms, gold stained glass works on the walls of the temples,  silver mirror works embellishing the beauty and marvelous wall  paintings, Jahangir accepted the ownership of Kota quite gladly.  Therefore, you can also find a huge number of Mughal Paintings and  Architectures over here.

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