The temple of Keshav Raj Ji Maharaja (God Vishnu), standing on a huge platform at the bank of river Chambal, has a unique and wonderful architecture and sculpture. It is important pilgrim center for Hindus. The ancient Jain Tirthankar temple has made Keshoraipatan an important Jain pilgrim centre also. Famous writer Nemi Chandra wrote the renowned and holy granth (Vrahed Dravaya Sangrah) in this temple. The Mratunjaya Mahadev temple is one of the oldest temple of Rajasthan. Keshoraipatan is one of the oldest towns in India and was named as Ashram Nagar in the ancient times.

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  1. Visitor Photo
    By : Raj Khan

    One of palac in keshorai patan dargah of "hajrat Makke shah wali(r.a.)

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