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The Shivpuri Dham is located in the Thekra city in Kota, Rajasthan. This is considered to be the only place where one can find as many as 525 shivlings. People from different communities, caste, creed and religions very excitedly come to visit this historic temple. Many major festivals celebrated in this temple apart from Mahashivratri and Raasleela, on a very grand scale. One of the shivlings is stated to be as high as 15 feet and is made from a single black stone. There is no entry fee for visiting this place. You will certainly enjoy clicking pictures in this lovely place.In India this is the only place where we able to see 525 Shivling(symbolic shape of God Shiva), this place is known as Shivpuri Dham situated in Thegra near Kota. People from different community, religions, cast, creed come here to worship God Shiv. In Shivpuri Dham there is Amrit Sarover(a lake) where water of 108 shrine is flowing, water of Sindhu River of Leh Ladakh is also mixed in this Amrit Sarovar . In Shivpuri Dham every year Shri Shri 1008 Shri Rana Rampuri Ji Maharaj Naga Baba Maha Shivratri Festival, Rasleela and other rituals are organized time to time. The statue of God Pashupati Nath is situated between 525 Shivlings, people not only from India but from different parts of the world gather here to worship and see this divine holy place of Kota. Dham spokesman Arjundas Dayani  says that Shivpuri Dham is the biggest Shivling in state made by only one black stone that is 15 feet long 14 ton weighty. Devotees come here to fulfill their wishes. 

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