Sitabari is the place where Sita, the consort of Lord Ram, was left by Ram’s brother, Lakshman to serve her banishment period. It is situated near Kelwara village in Baran District. According to legend, a stream sprung from the ground at the place where Lakshman shot an arrow to fetch water for Sita. The stream is known as ‘Lakshman Babhuka’.

As Sitabari is associated to Sita, this place is considered very sacred by the Hindus. If tourists undertake an excursion from Kota to Sitabari they can visit the temples of Sita and Laxman. These temples are ancient structures and the architecture of these temples is fascinating.

In recent times, Sitabari has become a popular picnic spot near Kota. Tourists from Kota love to spend an afternoon in this calm and serene place. Besides the ancient temples of Sitabari, tourists can visit the kunds located here. If the tourists come from Kota to Sitabari during May or June, they can also visit the tribal fair. This tribal fair in Sitapur is organized by the local people every year.

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