Water safari in Chambal

The motor boat safari between Kota and Jawahar Sagar dam is any nature  lovers dream come true. The National Chambal Ghariyal Sanctuary was  established in 1978 to protect rare aquatic retiles, particularly the  Gavial, a rare long nosed reptile endemic to Indian River.
The 26 Km. Boat safari takes you inside the Sanctuary and gives you an  opportunity to view Crocodile, Gavial, Otters many species of turtles  and the unique flora of the river valley. Also the wonderful intrinsic  tales of mystery and History which surround the entire Valley.

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  • Water safari in Chambal
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    By : Ankita

    Hello I want to know that what is timing for water safari and forest safari..provide mobile num and other details of it and distance of it from kota railway station

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